Kuldmuna 2024 voting rounds in Defolio.com


The jury will find the entries in the „Entries“ menu. Votes must be cast for all entries, in all categories assigned to the jury member on a Yes , No and N/A scale.

A member of the jury will vote on all entries in the categories assigned to
them. We recommend that you use a computer, not a phone or tablet.

In the event that a jury member needs to vote on an entry related to them,
then they have to press the N/A button. The up and down votes are grayed
out in the self-submitted account when evaluating the work. We certainly
ask those who should evaluate the work of their agency to press the N / A
button as well. This request applies to both the first and the second round
of voting.

In the first round of voting, entry is shortlisted if more than 50% of the jury
has voted in favor (YES).

For smooth first round of voting, please vote by subcategories.

For example: when you open the sub-category “Välimeediareklaam,
poster” under the main category “Turunduskommunikatsioon”, the first
entry must be selected. Please vote (it takes a second or two after pressing
the thumb to register that vote), and then you can use the arrow to move
on to the next entry in that category. The final entry in that category does
not have an arrow. The next category must then be opened and voted on in
the same way.

In the first round of voting the PR jury votes only on the basis of the
descriptions provided.

The shortlist can be seen by the members of the juries, the chairmans and
the organizers of the competition from the Shortlist button in the main

The entries added to the shortlist are ranked in each category – the entries
with the most points are first. The chairman of the jury can also see the
exact number of points given to each entry in the Entries menu.
The organizer of the competition, in cooperation with the chairmen,
publishes the shortlists, after which they are visible to the public.


Please bring your computer to office.

This time the entries can be opened in the Shortlist menu and not in the
Entries view. Only the entries left after the first round of voting are visible.

The chairman of the jury can then decide together with the jury whether
they want to add the entries left out of the shortlist to the second round of
voting or not.

Voting is on a 1-5 point scale. 5 is the highest and 1 is the lowest score. A
member of the jury will also see the vote they gave to an entry in the first
round of voting. Vote given in the first round does not affect the second
round results.

The assistant shall not vote and shall be removed from the jury after the

Once all the members of the jury have voted in the second round End
button must be pressed. After that the points will appear in red in the
Shortlist menu, in boxes under the entries.

The end voting button can be pressed by the chairman of the jury in the
Jury menu, in the category assigned to him.

Awards can be tagged to the entries by the organizer of the competition
and the chairman of the jury.